Convenience-Produkte: dieses Bild zeigt eine Schüssel mit Chili von Carne

To meet the demands of today’s markets, products must be as easy to prepare as possible.
Every employee must be able to manufacture the product in the usual quality in a short time.
Moguntia offers products with minimal work steps, sometimes also cold-swelling to minimize time and effort.

A wide range of Fix products

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With the range of Fix products and kitchen gadgets, MOGUNTIA offers a large selection of products with guaranteed success and authentic taste such as Fix for Bolognese, Fix for Chili con Carne and much more.

In recent years, a large selection of instant products has also been added to the range, these are simply infused and prepared with cold or hot water and allow you to prepare your own variations.

Sortiment: dieses Bild zeigt einige unserer Produktkataloge