Animal Rights Fight against Health Protection of the world hunger environment. Vegetarian and vegan products are not a temporary fad anymore, instead they have become socially acceptable and are a normal part of everyday life for many customers. Many consumers are looking for plant based meat substitutes with increased frequency – whether for ethical-moral, religious or health reasons.

What do we offer?

Reasons for a vegetarian or vegan diet:

Fight against world hunger

Animal rights


Protection of the envirenment

If you want to restrict your consumption of meat, but don‘t want to give up eating meat altogether, you will find in the MOGUNTIA programme a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan alternatives.

Not only „real“ vegetarians and vegans are among the main buyers of meat substitutes, but so-called flexitarians, ie people who have a partially meatless diet. The increasing environmental awareness, especially of young consumers, favours a temporary or complete renunciation of meat.

It’s the taste that counts; because if you want to do without meat, our range of meat substitutes means that you don’t need to give up the taste you are used to and corresponding texture. Our latest innovations allow new meatless taste experiences, that may even make an utterly convinced carnivore do without a real piece of meat once in a while.

Selection from our Vegetarian Product Range

Vegetarian Meal type Chili sin Carne

Vegetarian ready meal, type chili con carne, contains everything, including kidney beans and sweetcorn.

Vegetarian tomato sauce Bolognese style CL

Vegetarian tomato sauce with chunks, gluten free. For the preparation of a tasty Bolognese style pasta sauce.

Vegetarian green spelt Bolognese Hf CL

Compound for vegetarian green spelt Bolognese sauce, with chunks.

CLASSIC Waffle Mix for savoury waffles

Waffles savoury for a change. Piquant alternative for waffle variations like pizza- or spinach waffles


Preparation for the production of corn dogs, also suitable for the preparation of vegetarian / vegan sausages

FITESSA® Vital-Mix Ready Compound

Ready compound with seasoning : Complete compound with seasoning for vegetarian burgers with chunky vegetables. M59261

FITESSA® Vital-Mix

Preparation for burgers, gluten free, without E621, minimal seasoning Compound for vegetarian burgers with chunky vegetables, additional seasoning is required.

FITESSA® Vital-Mix without palm fat and without E621

Minimal seasoning: Compound for vegetarian burgers with chunky vegetables, additional seasoning is required.

Vital-Mix-Würzer without E621

Seasoning for all vegetarian products with onions and leeks as decorative spices.

Vegetarian Cold Cuts with Seasoning

For vegetarian cold cuts and sausages, all spice mixtures can be used for individual seasoning.

Vegan Products

The vegan diet can be made colourful and varied. 

People on a vegan diet do not consume any kind of animal product. Totally plant based products like for example vegetables, tofu, soya milk or agave syrup form the basis for tasty recipes and replace meat, fish, eggs or honey. We would like to introduce to you our products for the production of sophisticated vegan dishes. They are of course adapted to the demands of industrial production – without compromising on taste and quality!

We will gladly advise you.

Vegan Instant Mixtures

Our vegan instant mixes are ready seasoned and easy to prepare. The ideal complement in the vegan kitchen. For cold and warm salads, to accompany vegan dishes or as a main course. Try for yourself the authentic taste and easy preparation.

CUISINOR® Vegetable Couscous CL

Ready prepared couscous dish with mixed vegetables and oriental herbs, perfectly seasoned.

CUISINOR® Vegetable Bulgur CL

Ready prepared bulgur dish with tomatoes, paprika and kidney beans. This healthy oriental product is characterized by a fruity tomato taste and fine Mediterranean spices.

Fix für vegan gratin Base

Product for delicious vegan gratins and bakes, can also be used for toppings (vegetable topping, spinach topping).

Vegan sauce Bechamel

As a base for vegan, light sauces and for vegetable variations.

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