Salzreduzierte Kost: dieses Bild zeigt eine Gemüse-Bouillon

A cold day is not the only occasion to enjoy a hot soup. There are also delicious spring vegetable soups and stews that are perfect for warm days. Soups can be enjoyed as a starter or main course for lunch, as dinner or a snack. A bouillon is a clear soup with an intense flavour, and can used as a basis for sauces as well as other soup and stew variants.

Whether zesty soup classics, light summer soups or exotic soups from far-away countries, only the right ingredients make for an unforgettable taste. The MOGUNTIA FOOD SERVICE delivers the right bouillon as a basis for your soups and stews. Get to know our extensive range of bouillons, soups and broths.

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Our bouillon types at a glance

A bouillon lends flavour to stews and soups.
Since preparing one is time-consuming, we offer ready-to-use poultry, vegetable and meat bouillons.

Bouillon type 1:

Meat bouillon

Bouillon type 2:

Vegetable bouillon

Bouillon type 3:

Poultry bouillon

Meat bouillon

Bouillon: dieses Bild zeigt einen Topf mit einer Rinderbouillon

Let our allergen-free meat bouillons please the palate. Whether Tyrolean ox or clear meat bouillon, we have the right products for your soup needs.

Vegetable bouillon

Bouillon: dieses Bild zeigt einen Topf mit einer Gemüsebouillon

Among the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP’S range are allergen-free bouillons with the best the vegetable garden has to offer. Also special dietary needs are catered to with halal, salt-reduced and products free from flatulence-inducing vegetable ingredients.

Poultry bouillon

Bouillon: dieses Bild zeigt einen Topf mit einer Geflügelbouillon

We also offer poultry bouillons as a basis for all poultry soups and stews as well as for refining ragout and sauces. Award-winning: Our allergen-free clear chicken bouillon CLASSICO has won the golden 2020 DLG Prize.

Discover our intense range of bouillons.

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Bouillon: dieses Bild zeigt eine Suppenschüssel mit einer Bouillon