Fleischalternative: dieses Bild zeigt eine vegetarische Frikadelle

Vegetarian and vegan products are not a temporary fad anymore, instead they have become socially acceptable and are a normal part of everyday life for many customers. Many consumers are looking for plant based meat substitutes with increased frequency – whether for ethical-moral, religious or health reasons. 

Not only „real“ vegetarians and vegans are among the main buyers of meat substitutes, but so-called flexitarians, people who have a partially meatless diet. The increasing environmental awareness, especially of young consumers, favors a temporary or complete renunciation of meat.

Our Philosophy

If you want to restrict your consumption of meat, but don‘t want to give up eating meat altogether, you will find in the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP programme a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan alternatives.

It’s the taste that counts;

because if you want to do without meat, our range of meat substitutes means that you don’t need to give up the taste you are used to and corresponding texture. 

Our latest innovations allow new meatless taste experiences, that may even make an utterly convinced carnivore do without a real piece of meat once in a while.

The four main reasons for this are:

Fight against world hunger

Animal rights


Protection of the envirenment

Are you looking for a cataloge of high-quality products?

Look no further, you have just found one! Just have a look at our WIKI MOGUNTIA, then you will find new vegetarian trends, some of our vegan and vegetarian products and also recipe suggestions!