What do we offer?

Not only do they add colour accents and a spicy touch to each dish, they enhance our wellbeing and flatter the taste buds.

Spices bring variety and taste!

Spreadable seasoning mixtures, seasoning preparations and seasoning salts for adding flavour and seasoning to taste

or for refining of meat and other food preparations.

While delicatessen seasonings have specialized mainly on imparting flavour, the decor spices create an attractive

appearance usually due to the high proportion of coarse spices and vegetable components. In combination with the

GRILLETTE® seasoning oils they are unbeatable.


Next to taste, the visual appearance plays a central role. The composition of fine and coarse spices creates the characteristic image. Taste and appearance will convince you. Decor spices usually contain little or no salt.


First and foremost, they give taste. In addition to the typical spice character, they also deliver the appropriate amount of salt. Delicatessen spices are specifically designed for a particular application, preparation or type of meat.

Encyclopedia of ingredients for processed meat


Fine oil / fat marinades with floating spices, salt and herbs. A natural way of seasoning that allows you to add flavour without additives and allergenic ingredients. They are easy to process, adhere well to meat and vegetables, and provide a lasting, shiny look in the counter. Excellently suited for seasoning and marinating steaks, skewers and other fried and grilled foods, as well as for the external seasoning of ready-to-cook roasts, and for pans and ragouts prepared without sauce, such as gyros.


Compound of water and oil-based raw materials. As a result, a variety of tastes and flavouring agents can be introduced. These emulsion marinades give the product a creamy, velvety glossy finish. Ideally suited for stir fries, diced meat, for pulling a sauce or refining dips and dressings.



MARINETTE® also exists as a powder compound for making fresh marinades. Easily prepared by adding water and oil. These instant products have lower storage and transport costs compared to liquid marinade, but a lower degree of convenience due to their own production. • production on demand • production dependent on batch possible • lower storage and transport costs • texture can be adjusted individually • easy preparation: just add water and cooking oil • highest profitability • freeze / thaw stable


These fine oil preparations with noble spice extracts are the ideal complement to all decorative and delicatessen spices. Not only do they soften the meat by closing its pores, they also protect it from graying. When using delicatessen spices (spices, which are mainly used for flavour due to their spice and salt content), the GRILLETTE® is applied after seasoning, when the spices have been massaged into the meat. However, if the spice is only sprinkled (applies to delicatessen and decorative seasonings), the GRILLETTE® is applied first, followed by the seasoning or decoration.


Spice mixtures and preparations for the production of minced meat products as for example minced beef, burger patties and meat balls. The complete products of this series already contain the suitable spices as well as binders and relaxation agents. FRIKELLE® These subtly composed products are simply soaked in water and then mixed with the minced meat.


Crispy coatings for all things breaded. Depending on the product, the coating consists of breadcrumbs, gluten-free breadcrumbs or dried potatoes. The breading is usually applied on top of the meat and pressed down firmly. For a better and higher adhesion of the coating, an egg-free moist breading can be used. The unseasoned steaks or nuggets are simply pulled through the wet batter, rolled in the dry batter and pressed firmly. Breaded meat, fish, cheese or vegetables stay particularly juicy when fried in plenty of oil.

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