Boiled cured meat” (“cooked cured meat products”, “cooked cured meat products”) are reddened and cooked, usually smoked meat products to which no sausage meat  has been added, unless it serves to bind large pieces of meat (e.g. with “Kaiserfleisch”)

What do we offer?

The expectation of cooked cured products is essentially that they resemble untreated cooked meat.

Quality requirements:

The consumer who is spoiled for enjoyment therefore has the following quality requirements:

Maximum fibre structure

Minimun of elasticity

Perfect pane cohesion

Uniform, strong & stable curing colour


Fresh cured taste

The MOGUNTIA technology folder shows the most important parameters for the production of cooked cured products.

Raw Material Selection Cutting

PSE meat

Pale, soft, exudative 

pale, soft, watery pH value < 5.8 High cooking losses, poor slice cohesion, pale curing colour, consistency is strawy and tough, slightly pronounced meat taste.

DFD meat

Dark, firm, dry

dark, firm, dry pH value > 6.2 / Lack of cooling and freshness: Very limited shelf life, as germ growth is promoted. Lack of fresh taste. Too high starting temperatures can lead to increased foam formation during tumbling (resulting in poor disc cohesion) and poor weight yield, possibly poor colour retention.

Poor hygenic status

Of starting materials

Too high starting germ load and non-compliance with the cold chain shorten the shelf life and impair the fresh taste

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Encyclopedia of ingredients for cooked cured products

Diphosphates / Polyphosphates

Are used to improve the water-binding capacity. Their effect, even in small quantities, is based not only on a minimal increase in pH value, but primarily on a specific effect of the phosphate. This brings the muscle proteins relatively close to the lost warm meat condition. This leads to an increase in the water-binding capacity of the skeletal muscle protein.

Sugar substances

Mono- and disaccharides serve to round off the taste. They also allow a higher salt addition and thus contribute significantly to a higher yield and good juice retention capacity.

Ascorbate : The salt of ascorbic acid serves as a reducing agent. It thus accelerates and stabilises the reaction between nitrite and the muscle pigment. This leads to a pronounced reddening. It also has an antioxidant effect.

Sodium carbonate

Sodium salt of carbonic acid: This technological ingredient is used in FILLFIT® as a disappearing agent. The water-binding capacity is achieved by a moderate increase in pH value. The active ingredient is no longer detectable in the end product, as it is broken down into its constituents by a chemical reaction during the heating process.

Carrageenan and vegetable proteins

Carrageenan is a hydrocolloid that acts as a stable gelling agent in cooked cured products. As the carrageenan used for this area usually forms a relatively brittle gel, it should be stabilised with vegetable protein. The vegetable protein thus significantly improves the consistency or stability of the end product. However, the use of carrageenan and vegetable protein is only necessary if very high yields are to be achieved.


Our Compound:



is the spray agent series completely without phosphate. Here it goes declaration-free to the right yield and a full-bodied taste.



Liquid or soluble flavouring agents. With the right flavour, every ham gets the right taste, even at very high yields. More about this under Flavours.



is the perfect symbiosis of taste and technology for the classic production of cooked cured products. P duo refers to the powerful phosphate contained. Furthermore, carrageenan (K), soy isolate (S) and animal protein (T) may be contained. Thus there is the right PÖKELFIT® for every application.

Functional Ingredients & Additives

Additives for

Functional Freshness

Additives for


Additives for


Additives for

Structure Improvement

Type 1 | Functional Freshness


Acid combinations for an extra wide application. What is your requirement: germ reduction, fresh meat treatment, pre-treatment of rinds for emulsion production, sausage meat stabilisation or loosening of tongue mucous membrane? 

Here is the right FRISCHIN® for you.

Type 2 | Taste


combines all flavour enhancers based on mono-sodium glutamate. This makes it round in taste.


refines the taste completely without glutamate. For maximum naturalness.


Type 3 | Colour


the products are based on ascorbic acid and accelerate the nitrite build-up. Whether extra strong to support the reddening of cooked sausage, whether Rubin for the pre-treatment of pickling meat and for raw sausage production or Liquid Rubin with the unique reddening formula of highly dissolved ascorbates.

Type 4 | Structure Improvement


are sugars and combinations for all meat preparations. In the case of raw sausage, it helps in addition to the acid formation.

ZärterLING® :

Preparations loosen the muscles. This makes it not only softer but also juicier, not least because of the improved water retention.


T6 is the exception among the SAFTEX® products. The only fibre that can be injected.

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