More and more consumers are demanding “free of” food. The trend has increased steadily over the past decade as more natural ingredients have been demanded around the world. Vegan, gluten-free, palm oil-free, GMO-free or lactose-free  – the demand for food manufacturers to offer alternatives is constantly increasing.

What does "free from" mean?

Difference with Clean Label

The consumer asks for products that do not use unnatural preservatives or are free from allergens – or what is perceived as an allergen. Products with a free label are often viewed as healthier than products without such a label, research shows.” Free-from” is a subgroup of clean label products, although the two terms are used interchangeably by the public. The difference lies in their focus: Clean Label is more associated with minimally processed foods.

Tasty natural solutions

Due to the changing market, the food industry is facing the enormous challenge of producing products that do not use unnatural preservatives or that are free of allergens, or perceived as allergens and that have the same texture, feel and taste as regular products. Despite their desire for “more natural” foods, the end consumer does not want to forego either taste or texture.
Moguntia is constantly working on intelligent solutions to develop products for this requirement or to modify existing products.