The word soup originates from French soupe, which goes back to Late Latin suppa, meaning “bread soaked in broth”. Soups are among the oldest foods known to mankind, going back to the stone age, long before spoons became common.

Soup taste and recipes have changed throughout history. Nowadays, healthy potato soups with a homemade stock made from root vegetables, celery and onions enjoy particular popularity, Meat is still very much in demand as an addition, but so are vegetarian and vegan soups.

Even fussy eaters will find an unmatched variety in our range. Whether a perfect soup base, ready-made foam soups or clear broths, convince yourself of the variety and quality of our selection. We are your manufacturer and supplier of all types of soups. Discover the soup creations in our MOGUNTIA Foodservice range.

Our soup types at a glance

The MOGUNTIA MIDDLE EAST offers a wide variety of soups for every application, taste and occasion. This makes us your ideal soup manufacturer!

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Soup type 1:

Clear soups

Soup type 2:

Thickened soups

Soup type 3:

Bouillons, Meat soups, Broths

Suppen Hersteller - dieses Bild zeigt eine Zwiebelsuppe

Soup type 1 | Clear soups

We offer clear, broth-based soups based with a ready-made soup add-in for quick preparation. Special soups, such as French onion soup or noodle soup, round off the offering.

Our clear soups are not only refined and flavoursome, but also healthy. They convince with appetising add-ins such as star-shaped noodles, rice or vegetables. We are your supplier for clear soups. Contact us.

Soup type 2 | Thickened soups

Thickened soups are all soups prepared with a thickening ingredient and based on broths. In the classic cuisine, they include puree soups, cream and creamed soups, velvet soups, concentrated consommé and vegetable soups. There are also traditional special soups made with selected ingredients.

Thickened soups are served not only as a starter, but also as a complete meal, often in the form of a stew. In our soup range, you will find particularly creative thickened soups that stimulate the palate, such as the apple foam soups with horseradish, the watercress foam soup and the carrot-ginger foam soup. Some of the classics like the asparagus cream soup, the forest mushroom foam soup and the potato cream soup have also found their way into our soup range. We offer ready-made thickened soups, instant products and the cold water-soluble soup products Chill & Heat.

Suppen: dieses Bild zeigt gebundene Suppen

Chill & Heat soups

Chill & Heat soups are prepared cold, then filled and warmed up. The cold water-soluble soups are mainly used in the health care sector, where the time saving is highly appreciated.

With a wide selection of thickened soups, the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP caters to every taste. They come with the right thickness and are ready to serve after easy preparation. Discover the variety of our thickened soup range.

dieses Bild zeigt eine Gemüse Bouillon

Soup type 3 | Meat soups, broths, bouillons

Bouillons are simple, clear soups originating from classic French cuisine. Bouillons, meat soups and broths are a vital starting ingredient for a number of other soups and dishes.

Preparing a bouillon is time-consuming. This is why the MOGUNTIA MIDDLE EAST, with an extensive selection of products, offers viable alternatives that preserve the flavour of the original, but can be prepared faster.

We supply vegetable soups and bouillons as well as beef and poultry soups and bouillons. As part of our offering, we have integrated dietary concepts such as halal, salt-reduced, vegan and vegetarian. Also discover our other soup and bouillon classics in organic quality under the bio4well® brand.