Eating should be made convenient, comfortable and fast. On top of that, the daily nutrition should be tasty, varied and healthy. 

In line with the motto “Together we will inspire the world with flavour and quality”, we offer a wide range of culinary products such as coatings, minced meat seasoning, process additives, different dressings and even more. Let´s discover it!


Coating is one of the most popular ways of finishing meat, fish and vegetables.  Coatings are used to make a product tastier and more visually appealing, for a crispier mouthfeel or improved shelf life.

In addition to the classic coating for Wiener schnitzel, the MOGUNTIA MIDDLE EAST offers various coatings for different uses.  They include wet coating, dry coating, dough coating and coatings for potato, vegetable, meat and fish products, as well as coatings for snacks and bakery products – gluten-free, seasoned or unseasoned as desired, tailored to the needs of our customers.

Panaden - dieses Bild zeigt panierte Chicken Nuggets

Minced meat seasoning

When we think of minced meat, the first thing that comes to mind are spicy fried meatballs, the traditional meatloaf or the forever alive burger trend. Minced meat dishes take many forms across international cuisines: cevapcici, minced meat doner, chilli con carne, shepherd’s pie, spaghetti bolognese and many other. Discover our seasoning or spices for minced and chopped meat.

Seasoning / Flavour Enhancers

Seasoning and flavour enhancers, the various flavours of our products enrich foods and meats with an appetising smell and intense taste. Get to know ZärterLING® & DRESSY® products, for a natural taste and intense colour.

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Aromen - dieses Bild zeigt Aromen in Reagenzgläsern
Fleischzartmacher: dieses Bild zeigt rohes Fleisch

Fresh, tender & colour-stable

It takes more than just the right seasoning and taste when it comes to the enjoyment of meat. Tenderness is also an important factor. Meat should not be tough and dry, but tender and agreeable to bite into. Meat tenderisers help keep your meat tender and juicy.

Under the ZärterLING® brand, the MOGUNTIA offers its meat tenderisers. Discover our ZärterLING® range. It prevents the undesirable loss of the meat juice, keeping the meat tender and juicy. With our meat tenderisers, you can deliver exactly the properties sought after by your customers: a tender and juicy texture of your meat offering.

Cold sauces and salad dressings

Dips are a must in modern institutional catering, and so are varied salad dressings. We offer these under the DRESSY® brand in powder form for easy storage and mixing when needed.

As a pioneer in seasonings and marinades for the grill, we have played our part in making a number of BBQ sauce innovations come to fruition. Whether a sweet and sour Asian sauce with grilled poultry, a curry tomato sauce to go with currywurst and traditional grilled dishes, or a piquant and fruity sauce with a light smoky flavour for spare ribs and burgers, we offer authentic grill and dip sauce in bulk and end-user packaging.

In our range you will also find some unusual dip variants, such as Whiskey Bacon, Black Garlic and Piri Piri. Also available in powder form for cooking or mixing to suit customer preferences. Our MOGUNTIA FOOD SERVICE sauce experts will be happy to give you valuable advice.

Kitchen Helpers / Side dishes

Under the FITESSA® brand, we offer a variety of mixes for all your needs: from vegan burgers to egg pasta Spätzle to Waffle.

Discover also our Pomolino Tomato Sauce CLS for your homemade tmato soups and sauces. 

Are you looking for a manufacturer & supplier of high quality culinary products?

Then you are exactly right with us! We are your competent manufacturer and supplier of tasty culinary products! Our experts will be happy to advise you. You will also receive information about our attractive prices and our extensive product portfolio. Please contact us!

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