For many cooks, making a sauce is the ultimate test of skill. A sauce not only rounds off a dish, but also refines it. In our range, you will find a large selection of sauces, fonds and gravies for every national cuisine and season, always delivering the best taste and easy to handle. Whether gravy, barbecue sauce, delicatessen sauce or cream sauce, the MOGUNTIA MIDDLE EAST has the right sauce for every dish. We use carefully selected and original ingredients for premium quality. From the exotic curry sauce to the classic gravy or roux for the final touch.

We offer sauce products in the following forms:

Powder | paste | pearlet/granulates

We are a market leader in PERLET® products for a reason. Discover our sauce range.

Our sauce types at a glance

A good sauce makes your favourite dish complete. However, when making the perfect sauce, chefs are confronted with many challenges. It is time-consuming.
There are also a number of factors that have to be considered to get the right taste and consistency. Learn more about our sauce offering!
For every kitchen process and dish, we deliver the right product and many recipe ideas.

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Type 1:

Pasty sauces

Type 2:

Soluble sauces

Type 3:


Type 4:

Sauce bases and fonds

Type 5:

Sauce Thickener

Type 6:

Fix Products

Type 1 | Pasty sauces

Under the CUISINOR® brand, the MOGUNTIA MIDDLE EAST offers pre-seasoned pasty sauces and pasty basic sauces. The latter are an ideal base for custom sauce creations. They can be refined as needed, making them ideal for upscale gastronomy.

Interested? We are your manufacturer and supplier for all kinds of sauces! Learn more about our product portfolio. You can contact our experts at any time.

Type 2 | Cold water-soluble sauces

Our cold water-soluble sauces Chill & Heat are ideal for high demand scenarios, e.g. hospitals, nursing or old age homes. These sauces can be easily mixed with water, individually seasoned, portioned, regenerated and served! Chill & Heat products have rapidly become very popular in hospital catering.

Salzreduzierte Kost: dieses Bild zeigt eine Gemüse-Bouillon

Type 3 | Gravies

Instant or ready-to-use, clear or lightly thickened, in our sauce range you will find clean label gravies as a base for a number of jus and dark gravies, and for refining a variety of sauces.

Type 4 | Sauce bases and fonds

Whether for veal, beef, poultry, vegetables, fish or shellfish, the CLASSIC brand has the right fond or demi-glace. Our range is rounded off with a superb selection of light and dark basic sauces.

Type 5 | Sauce thickeners

Soßen: dieses Bild zeigt einen Soßenbinder

Want to thicken your light and dark sauces and soups? Get the right sauce thickeners, binders, roux and stabilisers from the MOGUNTIA MIDDLE EAST’S range. To give your sauces the desired consistency, from creamy to firm, we have rounded off our range with sauce thickeners, roux and more in powder form as PERLET® granulate and cold water-soluble solutions. We deliver the right product for your sauce needs.

Our CLS sauce thickener can be used as an allergen-free thickener, which is not possible with a classic roux. We will be happy to deliver the right sauce thickener for your dishes.

Type 6 | Fix Products

Discover also our wide range of Fix Product! 
Easy storage, need-based preparation and a full flavour – all this you will find in our sortment. MOGUNTIA offers you a large selection of products wih guaranteed succes and authentich taste.