Vegetarian and vegan products are no longer a fad, but have become socially acceptable and are now part of everyday life for many customers.

Not only “real” vegetarians and vegans are among the main customers for plant-based meat alternatives, but also so-called flexitarians, that is those whose diet is mainly meat-free.  Increasing environmental awareness, especially among young consumers makes them give up meat temporarily or permanently.

Possible reasons for choosing a vegetarian or vegan diet are:

Possible reasons for choosing a vegetarian or vegan diet are:

Animal welfare | Fighting world hunger | Health | Environment protection

If you want to restrict your consumption of meat, but don‘t want to give up eating meat altogether, you will find in the MOGUNTIA programme a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan alternatives.

It’s the taste that counts;
because if you want to do without meat, our range of meat substitutes means that you don’t need to give up the taste you are used to and corresponding texture. Our latest innovations allow new meatless taste experiences, that may even make an utterly convinced carnivore do without a real piece of meat once in a while.

Meat-free diet - clarification of terms

Vegetarian and vegan products have triumphantly arrived in our societies.

Meat-free diet has special requirements. It should be balanced and tasty.  However, a meat-free diet does not have to mean sacrifice, which is proven by meat alternatives of the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP.


A vegetarian diet is based on plant foods. It excludes meat, fish and derived products including lard and gelatine. However, eggs, milk, dairy products and honey are permitted, depending on which type of vegetarianism one chooses. Depending on whether milk and eggs and their derivatives are consumed or not, vegetarian diet can be further differentiated as follows: lacto-vegetarian, ovo-vegetarian, ovo-lacto-vegetarian, pescetarian and flexitarian.


Those who choose a vegan diet do not consume animal products of any kind.  The basis for vegan recipes are purely plant products such as vegetables, tofu, agave syrup, soy or oat milk, thus replacing meat, fish, milk, eggs or honey.  Vegan diet strictly rejects the consumption of animal foods or foods with animal components. Although the choice of foods is clearly limited, vegan dishes can still be colourful and varied.

Discover our products for the preparation of refined vegan and vegetarian dishes.
Of course, they are tailored to the requirements of industrial production – without compromising taste and quality.